Today Programme

Tony Blair interview. TB was allowed to make a series of unfounded pro-EU propaganda statements, which Nick Robinson failed to challenge. Indeed, the interview was conducted in Chummy Tone, a far cry from the frosty and aggressive tones adopted by BBC interviewers of Brexit campaigners.
Blair was allowed to refer to being pro-Europe, not pro-EU. Nor was he asked to provide any evidence to back up his assertions and scaremongering. Mr Robinson didn’t challenge TB with one single fact, beyond a brief reference to the euro, which was glossed over in true BBC style. The interview was allowed to conclude with Blair making an unchallenged assertion that British people’s interests would be damaged fundamentally.
Ironic indeed on a day when the boss of the world’s biggest sovereign wealth fund (Norway – £600bn) confirmed investment in the UK would not change, and might even increase, upon Brexit.
Sadly, Nick was too star struck to ask Tone about it!

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