Today Programme

Sarah Montague interview with Sun Editor, Tony Gallagher.

At the start of the interview, Ms Montague refers Mr Gallagher to the Editors Code which prescribes that Headlines should be supported by text. Later on, Ms Montague makes the sweeping statement that “plenty of people who were disparaging about the EU 5 years ago are now supporters of a vote for the UK to stay in”.

This statement is unsupported by any evidence, nor did Sarah acknowledge there may be similar, or even more, numbers who felt the reverse, and now want out.

By stating “plenty” Ms Montague implied a substantial body of pro-EU changed opinions, for which there is no evidence. This is yet another example of the BBC’s subliminal pro-EU bias.

By ignoring the possibility of a similar, or greater, number of anti-EU changed opinions, Sarah was indulging in yet another example of BBC bias by omission.

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