Although we are fully aware of the Radio 4 and wider BBC bias to remain in the EU, it is nevertheless astonishing to hear this morning’s blatant misrepresentation of the government’s position on the exit of the UK from the EU on the Today programme.
Consistently throughout this morning the headlines have been quoting Theresa May’s position as being to cut all economic ties with the EU. This is utter rubbish, as the BBC editors will know, she has said we want to negotiate free access to the Single Market and the best possible trading relationship with the EU. Both the Conservative and Labour party had, during the election campaign, committed to leaving the Single Market and Customs Union, although the Labour Party changes its position depending who it is talking to. The BBC is misleading their audience on government policy and, as a publicly funded broadcaster, they need to reassess their position of trust. Many people I know do not trust the BBC and avoid listening to its coverage of the UK’s departure from the EU for that reason.

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