For a second day, The BBC’s “Today” radio programme led with the most important world news item – an unaccredited ‘leak’ from a German Sunday newspaper. Apparently it’s ‘real’ news that Emperor Juncker, having digested his working dinner at Downing St some days ago, now (allegedly) no longer thinks the meeting was ‘constructive’, as reported at the time, but considers we Brits to be delusional. Is the news that Juncker, or one of his lackeys, lied then or is lying now? No, it’s that Britain’s government must be delusional. Just to check, I tuned into to Capital Radio for its 8 am news, only to find the item didn’t even get a mention – obviously some radio broadcasters are better able to recognise ‘fake’ news when they see it, and ignore it. But not the good old Brussels Broadcasting Corporation.

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