About six months Post-Brexit (I’m sorry I don’t know the exact date – I have guessed based on a Guardian article) Mishal Husain, interviewed a Bank of England representative (Haldane?) on the ‘surprisingly good’ economic performance of the UK economy post-brexit in contradiction of the bank’s gloomy pre-brexit forecasts. The interview was cursory. The Bank of England representative admitted its forecasts had been wrong – to which Mishal Husain responded by excusing the bank’s inaccuracy; ‘the bank couldn’t have predicted the irrational behaviour of consumers.’ (I assume quoting Haldane without referencing him as the source) – I think the interviewee responded by saying it was still the bank’s job to forecast accurately. It is irrelevent what Ms Husain thinks of consumer behaviour post-brexit and it is not her job to be an apologist for Bank of England inaccuracy and bias, which undoubtedly impacted decision making pre-brexit vote. She made no attempt to pursue the bank for politically motivated bias in its forecasts. She immediately excused the bank’s inaccuracy, clearly indicating her view that the gloomy forecasts were correct but for the ‘irrational i.e. stupid’ behaviour of consumers. Her attitude on this point showed blatant bias as has most of what she’s said in reports before and since. Like many of Radio 4’s chief presenters.

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