Bias by omission of key fact.

Amazingly alarmist item on the BBC ‘Today’ programme implying all sorts of chaos and cost for UK firms after Brexit in relation to data protection. No mention whatsoever that the ICO has already (October 2016) stated that the EU’s new regulations (GDPR) will be incorporated into UK law. No wonder the BBC is being criticised for anti-Brexit bias! I have complained direct to the BBC and has specified that I require a reply – this has yet to arrive. I will post it here when it does.

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  1. Mick Cooling

    Please don’t expect a reply that reeks of common sense.The BBC appears to be on a mission to ensure that all “Remain” voters will be proven right, and that all “Leave” voters so bitterly regret how they voted.
    I have joined the growing numbers of complainants to the BBC about their bias against Brexit.
    The answer I received was obviously drafted by a diplomatic moron, and pointed out that the BBC has a “duty of care regarding impartiality” etc etc.
    Sadly, we all have to accept that we have to put up with this for at least 2 more years.
    I’d really love to have someone use the Freedom of Information to request the BBC provide the criteria for appointing programme producers, editors and the like. I suspect it’s become very, very complex – like – oh, I know someone who would just love a job here!

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