Ah! So now we know that the original long impassioned report on the “400 children at risk of abuse” in Calais (17.10.2016) has now been changed to “teenagers and children”. Where are the young children who are deserving of help, no mention of them yet. The Today programme is still pedalling at least two untruths as the real tragedy is likely to be vulnerable teenage girls being abused. Why haven’t these girls been allowed in first as a priority? Why so far are mainly 20 something year old looking males getting priority? It’s time Today asked the right questions. If it doesn’t, it’s a waste of time and just an example of dishonestly schmoozing the listener.

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  1. D L M Stringer

    Absolutely spot on! I am a retired secondary school teacher and, therefore, am fairly accurate on assessing the age of young people between 11 and 19 years. The “children” shown on the BBC were, for the most part, adults. True, there were a few of early teenage years, but there were more in the late teens and a considerable number in the twenties and some even older. I expected the usual “heart tugging” images from the BBC of very young children. As these were not shown, I suspect young children were not present. The British public has been conned again by the disgrace called the BBC and which we are obliged to fund.
    The extraordinary abusive comments by the ex-footballer and now mouthpiece for the BBC are another example of the complete bias of the BBC when he stated that anyone claiming these selected migrants were over-age are racists. It is, in fact, those on the BBC amongst others who HATE the real British people and white people. They are the real racists and Marxists one and all. We are not allowed a voice, but those disgraces to the human race at the BBC are allowed to abuse the majority. At the same time as he was criticising the British people, the said pundit (idiot) was complaining it was the fault of the £25,000 per year private school that his son failed to get the grades to go to university. CLANG! Perhaps he ought to give some thought to the behaviour of his son in the second year of A levels! Always someone else’s fault is the BBC motto. I wonder what will happen when the great British public refuse to fund the BBC?
    I used to watch Match of the Day and admired its presenter. He was a good footballer and I believe he managed to obtain a place at Kings College, London a rare event in football! I now hold a very different opinion of him. He is, naturally, entitled to his own opinions, but he ought not to use the State broadcaster to slander the majority of the British people! I, for one, shall not watch Match of the Day again! There are other and better options available.

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