Check this out.
At the beginning of this week (Might be Mon or Tues about 0840 Nick Robinson was discussing the US election with an American when he said something like, “The sort of people who are voting for Trump are the sort of people who voted for Brexit.” That was probably a slip but describes in a nutshell the BBC opinion of Leave voters
Bias: over 90% of BBC journalists voted to remain. Majority of musicians, so called Stars, writers etc. employed by the BBC openly supported Remain. They do not seem to be restricted from expressing their views.
The recent reports of BBC salary arrangements with employees to avoid tax illustrates how hypocritical the Corporation is However it was also reported that these arrangements allow the BBC and staff avoid paying National Insurance. If so I wonder how people like Fiona Bruce and Jo Gosling, and all the others using these schemes, can not feel tremendous shame. They probably support and use the Health service but are sponging of the backs of the majority who have paid tax and NI by PAYE.
Composition of panels are often weighted with Remainers. Review of the Papers has had far more Remain reviewers. The Guardian is always reviewed.
I have given up complaining to the BBC and the Trust. I wonder if you should advise all your Brexit supporters to send their complaints to OFCOM.

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