Yet again the BBC Radio 4 interviewers fail to prevent one of their regulars (Alistair Darling) from going on making extra points on staying in the EU rather than allowing the other equally important view to be aired – or that should be how the BCC reports to the public unless they are a mouthpiece for Big Businesses like themselves and Government.
The Economic argument for staying is repeated over and over again i.e. that migration is good for the UK as it creates growth which all economists (not all actually) agree is fundamentally essential they say. However that argument is never challenged for its obvious error in that you cannot grow indefinitely as the country will literally fill up and how then would these economists deal with the practicalities of transport chaos (the people in London should get out more and try queuing on our motorways when they have important appointments to attend), not enough schools places or hospital beds etc and so on? Hang on, we have already reached that point! So where are the practical economists or don’t they exist?

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