Pro-EU bias. Nick Robinson chaired discussion between EU-funded and pro-EU views of Paul Johnson IFS and John Redwood. Usual BBC rules applied. Pro-EU views were given 40% more time to answer than Leave. Crucially, IFS were able to make long contributions uninterrupted. PJ replies were 45, 50,55, 15, 65 and 30 secs. JR replies were 25,10,5,2,40,30,2,10,30,30 secs. Indeed, JR was interrupted 3 times when trying to respond to the EU-funded accusation. Once again, the BBC offered no reference to unreliability and past mistakes of international and Govt forecasting Bodies. Another example of unduly partial broadcasting from the biased BBC.

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  1. M. Donnelly

    Date: 21/06/2016Author: Gove interviewNick Robinson’s interview of Michael Gove:

    How can anyone take Nick Robinson seriously as being an impartial journalist after that charade?

    He by now seems to have acquired fairly wide recognition as being a biased commentator / interviewer.

    It was an almost constant series of interruptions and re re interruptions. To a ridiculous extent.

    And when Michael Gove made his last comment NR cheekily and inappropriately had to make an out of place commentary that

    that MG had managed to put in a “Slogan”.

    I think NR was irritated that MG had managed to finally put in a sentence without NR preventing it by interrupting.

    Here’s a slogan or two:
    “Keep the BBC Impartiality that has been built up over decades ! ”
    or perhaps
    “Give Nick Robinson a job that he can do according to the job description”

    David Cameron was much more reasonably treated by John Humphries this morning 22nd June in the same interview slot.

    The BBC is going to lose credibility if it keeps showing bias.

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