BBC political editor/commentator, sometime after news at 6am, forcefully and definitely expressed (what must be only his own (BBC) opinion) that Iain Duncan Smith had resigned mainly to further the Brexit cause, not on moral grounds, ie not over the Osborne budget benefit cuts. Unbelievable bias! This after the very prominent airing of the biased CBI opinion about grave Brexit dangers. BBC has sunk to being an EU propaganda machine, with a mere fig leaf of Brexit opinion, meagrely included – never made prominent. This is appalling and they should be made to stop influencing, rather than informing, the public.

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  1. M Fahey

    I don’t listen to the Today program – i spend long enough tearing my hair out at the amount of bias on the website and tv channels to follow them on the radio too (if i listened to the radio, i’m afraid it may be chucked out of the window).
    That said, the obvious bias the BBC has shown, not so much over the last few months but ever since the Brexit question was first raised, has been shocking; headlining pro EU stories, hiding leave stories, offering more coverage for those arguing remain, interrupting those with responses for leave and taking the most innocuous stories to use for their pro EU propaganda. And i won’t even go into their news coverage on BBC1 this morning, which, if you saw it, you’d have found as shocking and offensive as i did.
    There are many people in the UK who are undecided on the EU referendum question. If they watch the BBC, the ad nauseum will be filtering through.
    I fear the BBC (the remain camp) has done its job well and the country will follow on its coattails.

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