Copy of an email I sent Today programme this morning. It is pointless using the BBC complaints system.
“Would you please ask John Humphrys to stop constantly interrupting Leave campaigners when they try to speak. Recently his interviews with Ian Duncan Smith and Boris Johnson developed into a shouting match because he would not allow them to finish a sentence, quite the opposite when he interviewed George Osborne.

While I am at it I would like to correct his attitude to Johnson’s mistaken reference to Hitler, altough he did in fact speak the truth. I copy below an extract from an email I sent to the leaders of the Leave campaign, including Boris Johnson, a few weeks ago.
“American intelligence discovered that in 1944 a group of German industrialists and SS officers met to discuss the aftermath of WW2, now realising that they could not win WW2 by arms, and they decided that they could control Europe by economic means. This may sound farfetched but after 1945 a German lecturer in international law, a member of the Nazi Lecturers Association, became a close associate of Adenauer. His name was Walter Hallstein, a keen advocate of a federal Europe.
He was instrumental in devising the Schuman Plan which established the European Coal and Steel Community, the forerunner of the EU and which already contained the elements of the EU we now know. He was then closely involved in the writing of the Treaty of Rome. He was strongly in favour of close integration by way of a Common Market (sound familiar?). The German Economic Minister, Erhard disagreed and wanted a Free Trade Area. Adenauer came down in favour of Hallstein. What had started as a French idea had been hijacked by Germany.
Then in 1958 Hallstein was appointed as the first President of the Commission. So it is not surprising that Germany has grown all powerful. It is said that the powerful German companies became powerful on the stolen gold and valuables stashed away during the war but that is another matter.”

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