Pro-EU propaganda by the Today programme. Again. John Humphrys interview of Boris Johnson.
JH made several pro-EU statements, without qualification, and were thus implied as facts. BJ did very well to counter the bias. The two main ones were to do with the Single Market and EU immigration.
JH mixed up membership and access to the Single Market. JH implied the UK would have to accept free movement of peoples “just like Norway, Switzerland…” . BJ correctly asserted that access, as opposed to membership, does not require free movement, eg the US.
JH’s biggest porkies came with EU immigration. He stated that EU immigrants net contribution was £22bn. JH made no reference to source or validity. This was outrageous. Perhaps JH did not do so because it relates to EU-funded UCL research carried out by EU academics. JH did not tell us that Civitas had branded it “shallow” and MigrationWatch had said it had glaring omissions, which when included showed a net cost of about £25bn.

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