Pro-EU bias. Zoe Conway interview from Grimsby of Leave (John Freeman) and Remain (Gerald Dennett). ZC opened by asking JF his view. 16 secs. ZC then invited GD to criticise JF comments. 40 secs. To all questions, Leave response time allowed 16,12,4,7 and 12 secs. Remain response time allowed 40, 24 and 25 secs.
Throughout, GD was unchallenged, ZC even feeding Remain side by describing as generous EU funding of the Grimsby area then inviting GD to comment on her assertion. In contrast, ZC challenged JF as unprincipled at one point, nor did she invite JF to criticise any of GD comments.
Zoe Conway is the widow of the late Chris Martin, PPS to David Cameron.

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