After decades of listening to Today every morning, I am becoming ever more annoyed and – rather than break the radio – am having to change channels. This morning Sarah Montague harangued both Sir Martin Sorrell and then Priti Patel. They were continually interrupted while trying to make sensible points and in the Patel interview, taken out of context and belittled. BBC interviewers need to be reminded that they are interviewers not stars. It is the opinion of the interviewed that is important and their job is to make sure that this opinion comes across clearly. It is NOT their job to continually interrupt and demean anyone with a non Remain, Left Wing, London/Westminster centric view. The current situation with the Robinsons, Humpreys, Montagues, etc believing that they are the reason people listen must be changed. Lets get back to reporting the news not either making it or hiding anything they don’t approve of.

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