The World This Weekend

It is disgraceful of the BBC to feature regular interviews with the discredited former Prime Minister Tony Blair ever since he left office and mainstream politics. As usual Blair spouted sanctimonious drivel in his trademark messianic voice on subjects such as the urgent need for the UK to develop ‘progressive’ (aka lefty) policies for this, that and the other. Prompted by Shaun Ley, the interview inevitably moved onto Brexit whereupon Blair stated categorically that he and his institute, the so-called Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, were going to do everything in their power to reverse Brexit. Ley made few attempts to interrogate these views and left the arrogant Blair to drone on, uninterrupted, for several minutes. Can anyone, apart from the BBC, give credence to a man who ‘misled’ Parliament and along with his ‘best buddy’ George W Bush took the UK into what many believe was an illegal war in Iraq, and is now trying his hardest to thwart democracy? Shame on you BBC: how can you give airtime to a yesterday’s man who clearly hasn’t got a clue about the meaning of the word democracy?

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