The Papers (BBC News Channel)

I’ve seen some shocking bias from the BBC over the last few months but what they did this morning, on The Papers (BBC News Channel), was scandalous. I sent this complaint to the BBC as a result of what I saw:

Your presenter stated that ‘some English hooligans were heard to be chanting ‘We want to leave the European Union.”
By implication, your presenter is comparing the disgusting images we are seeing/reading on the news/in the papers with Brexit.
Regardless of the position of many people in this country, it is abhorrent for anyone to compare the shocking acts of a few idiots in France with people with genuine concerns in this country.
I would like your presenter/a representative for the BBC to publicly apologize for this ridiculous statement.

I am disgusted by what I heard from their presenter. I’ve asked for a public apology but I seriously doubt that will be forthcoming. Their bias over the last few months has been atrocious but this comment was offensive beyond belief.

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