The One Show

The report covering the alleged effects of Brexit was totally biased and only showed negative or neutral effects of the recent changes in exchange rates. Two manufacturing businesses complaining about not making as much money as normal There was no mention of the huge benefit to the travel and leisure industry as the UK now represents better value for foreign travellers than it has done for years. Ironically the report was from Blackpool yet tourism was not mentioned This is just one example of the many episodes of biased Anti-Brexit BBC reporting . Its about time the BBC realised that most of its viewers actually voted for Brexit even if the people who run the organisation didn’t . Maybe reporting some positive effects would stop all the rich boys in the City talking us into a problem that doesn’t actually exist but has been created by their concerns that they may not make the same vast salaries next year

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  1. Adam Savill

    Pete, we are all with you on this one and I have complained about the Now Show before but the BBC will not change Unfortunately, this government and the previous one were too scared to try meaningful reform, but the number of channels available elsewhere, the different perception of the BBC by U30s and the outdated business model will eventually force change

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