The One Show

This news/entertainment programme contained a 5 minute or so report based on what they subsequently acknowledged was “an unscientific survey” of random people who all expressed fears/concerns about an alleged upsurge in racist abuse and threats since the Brexit vote. It was clear that all those interviewed (except just one) had voted or supported the Remain side. The local police commander said that there had been no increase in reported incidents yet the BBC report just asserted there had been. It then paraded a photo (also used on the main BBC News) of a team of medical staff holding up notices displaying their country of birth with the message “immigration fuels the NHS”. All this is just blatant propaganda and campaigning seeking to undermine the democratic vote taken on 23 June. The BBC news teams are manufacturing so-called “news” items and giving very slanted coverage. The BBC cannot accept the Brexit outcome and seem to be exploring every possible line of attack to denigrate those (the majority) who voted Leave and to provide false evidence of the dire consequences.

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  1. Adam

    I too was disgusted by the bias and bigotry of the “one Show” and also complained and got this response from Stuart Webb “The background was the fact that immigration was a prominent issue for the Leave campaign and, given concerns about a rise in hate crime recently, the programme heard the concerns of minorities and immigrants with regards to what they’d experienced and whether they felt the spotlight being on this issue had had an impact.”

    There seemed to be no appreciation of the difference between controlled and uncontrolled immigration – all supposition, innuendo and virtue signalling unrelated to facts

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