The Now Show

Steve Punt’s description of big three WW2 Allies (USA, UK and what is now the Russian Federation) as now all being led by nationalist governments. While I have no opinion on the USA or Russia in this regard and recognise that The Now Show is comedy, I can hardly see how the current UK government can be described as ‘nationalist’. Because it came about as a result of the Leave Vote? Nationalism in its original form, particularly as it grew during the 19th century, was a rather inclusive political outlook, but has since become tainted by the more extreme versions that took shape during the 20th century. This seems like nothing more than the BBC trying to ram its pro-EU dogma down people’s throats because they have voted in a way that does not fit their world view. Last time I checked, political satire was supposed to have at least some basis in fact. Steve Punt needs to read some history further back than WW2 and to get a grip.

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