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The question on one of the Jeremy Vine shows features was about people regretting there vote and changing there minds now that we are six days in to Brexit. The very question is really aimed at those who voted leave and have subsequently changed there mind over the last six days. It is hardly aimed at those who voted remain and changed there opinion after the vote. They had one guest in as a token gesture, to look impartial. He was remain and now more positive about Brexit but apart from that all callers I heard were as you’d expect moaning that they had voted to leave and wished they hadn’t. It was so clearly set up for that kind of response and so I turned the show off. The bbc is so biased that if they and other people in the media (the Guardian and the Independant especially) don’t stop this campaign of doom and gloom the country will be persuaded in to recession. That doesn’t suit anyone so I would suggest moving on, remembering what democracy is about (so let’s not keep talking about another referendum!) and that It’s part of the reason 52% of this country’s people voted leave, to regain our democracy.

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  1. Joy

    Absolutely agree. I was disgusted with the bias in this programme. I enjoy listening to Jeremy Vine but no more! One caller who obviously wasn’t giving a strong enough argument on why he wanted to change his mind was “helped” by Jeremy telling him what he’d said on his call card, this made it obvious that only the callers who strongly regretted their decision were getting air time. Every BBC news programme shows total bias and I would hope that both remain and leave voters will see through this and look at all the information available in the media.

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