The Andrew Neil Interviews: Leave or Remain

I complained by telephone last night about Andrew Neil after watching and listening to him interviewing Nigel Farage. To be quite honest I am sick to death of observing the bombastic method of attack and self opinionated so called Journalist that this man thinks he is! Which state does he work for? Does he not know how to behave and learn to keep his mouth shut to allow Mr Farage in this case to answer his verbal attack, of course Mr Neil thinks that he is more important and we want to only hear him. He is so mistaken! He did achieve a great deal as per our P.M. has done in recent times, they lie and twist the subject to suit their end. These programmes are supposed to be informative and to allow us to decide on fact, generally the B.B.C. is self opinionated and has it’s own agenda.
I am calling for this man’s resignation or failure to do so management must dismiss him!
Then there is the very nice looking young lady, I think her name is Lorna Kinsburg, she is another for firing her own bullets and does not make a proper report, she thinks we wish to hear her personal opinion only.
I understand that part of the charter for the B.B.C. prohibits this type of so called reporting, this is Great Britain and not a Russian state kindly instruct all of your reporters and no doubt their superiors how to report news on UK television in the agreed legal manner.
I am also expecting to hear a Public Apology from both Mr Neil and from the senior management of the BBC on the method and behaviour of this man towards Mr Farage last night.

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  1. D L M Stringer

    Hi John,

    A great complaint!

    The BBC has become one, if not the most, nasty (Nazi) organisation in the UK! None of their alleged “reports” are anything of the kind! They are simply the mouth of the Remain campaign, and the Moron in particular, transferred to what is STATE CONTROLLED MEDIA. The tactic of the Remain campaign is, beyond doubt, to shout down any opposition and abuse their position. If anyone doubts this, just check out the Marr interviews with Boris Johnson and John Major or the Neil interview with Nigel Farage.

    Not to worry though, more and more people are realising what is going on and that the BBC cannot be trusted now. Is there anyone left in the UK who believes anything the Oxford Oaf (aka David Cam Moron) has said? Were his “negotiations” with EU leaders anything more than a publicity stunt? What did he achieve? Almost nothing of any value. It appears as if Remain have, at long last, realised the Oaf is a liability and, it is believed, asked him to back off! It will be interesting to see if his ego will allow him to hand over control to others.

    Now the threats from the Germans saying they will close “their” market to us if we vote to leave! Great, then we can destroy the German car industry and their white goods market and possibly damage their beer market, though much of that is consumed in Germany itself. We will stop paying them huge amounts of pounds to support the wretched Euro. Sadly, German leaders never appear to learn their lessons. They should, by now after two spectacular failures in the C20th., have learned they cannot bully other nations!

    Has anyone else noticed that Merkel does NOT discuss what is to happen in Europe, she simply states what is to happen? Look at Greece, for example. Look at the migrant crisis and to her unbelievable attitude – 1,100,000 allowed in to be distributed around Europe. Was there any reference to what other countries thought? Was there any attempt to assess what the German people thought? Was there anything effective done about the criminals on New Years Eve? Merkel appears as if she remains in East Germany and can behave in the way the East German and USSR governments behaved! It appears she has taught the Moron and the BBC all about the way to run a dictatorship!


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