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During an interview with Mr Boris Johnston MP on the EU Mr Marr interrupted and wouldn’t let him speak on a large number of occasions (I’m told over 50 times). Yet in an earlier interview with the German Finance Minister he was interviewed without any interruptions or challenges on significant issues like freedom of movement and access to the single market, especially as the UK runs an annual trade and services deficit with the EU, over £60 billion last year alone. Government figures show £27 billion with Germany alone. China, Japan, USA and most other trading Nations do not need freedom of movement or payments for a trade arrangement at £55 million a day for the privilege of a significant deficit! If tariffs were charged at WTO levels we would still benefit by at least 50% and more when tariffs were charged on EU imported goods!
The EU’s 5 Presidents report and plans for a federal state were not covered by Mr Marr deliberately. He even overtly shook his hand at the end to show respect and support!
He had a similar approach with recent interviews of Mr Duncan Smith and another patsy interview with the Prime Minister, whose recent paltry renegotiation is ridiculed by professionals.

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  1. David osborn

    Same old programme no labour people it’s so pro Tory I don’t pay my money to always have all tories on no balance always now the same only 26 percent voted Tory in the last election but you would think that over 90 percent voted for them

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