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I recently compained to the BBC and I have given the text of my complaint below followed by their reply. As you can see, once more they are right and we are wrong! I wish I could remember the exact wording but the report deffinately linked the murder with race hate and Brexit.
“My complaint concerns your report on the murder of a Polish man in Harlow. Both the main and local news blatantly linked this dreadful incident with the vote to leave the EU. Have you any idea how disgusting and offensive this is? Of course you do, you did the same after the murder of Joe Cox. Our wonderful BBC has now GONE and I mourn it’s passing. I hope you realise that the letters BBC are now synonymous with the word PROPOGANDA. It was also stated that this was a ‘racist’ crime. Can you tell me which race was involved? You can’t even get your terminology right. You are now on a parr with a low grade tabloid newspaper but relying on your past, (well deserved), reputation to hoodwink the gullible. Don’t think that people don’t know what you’re up to, you’ve been rumbled, the vast majority of British people know what you’re about and are as disgusted and angry as I am with your biased reporting and failure to report major incidents because they don’t suit you agenda. And for all this, we have to pay you a tax. You couldn’t make it up.”
Thank you for getting in contact with us regarding ‘BBC News’ on 31 August.
I understand that you feel the report on ‘BBC News’ linked the murder of a Polish man to the Brexit vote.
BBC News did not report that the murder of Arkadiusz Jóźwik was a racially motivated attack as a consequence of the Brexit vote. Our coverage simply reflected that this was one possible reason. We reported what was being said by the police, that this was one line of inquiry, and statements made by both the Polish Ambassador and the local MP.
We did, however, also report on the belief among some people in Harlow that the murder could have had more to do with anti-social behaviour than racism. Daniel Sanford, in his report, said that the Mr Jóźwik could have been killed “simply because he was there”.
There has been a rise in reported hate crime and incidents of racism, since the EU Referendum. With this is mind, and given that the police are investigating this as a possible cause of this murder, we believe we were right to explore whether this could have been the motivation behind the attack.
Nevertheless I have made sure to record your complaint on our daily Audience Feedback Report that is circulated right across the BBC.
These reports can be used to inform future broadcasting and policy decisions so please be assured that your complaint has been sent to BBC Senior Management and all the right people.
Thanks once again for contacting us.
Kind regards
Brian Morgan
BBC Complaints Team

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