Silent witness

I love silent witness, but it has been totally ruined by the blatant political statements. It’s a drama , on TV ,let it be just that . Stop making it an inaccurate party political broadcast. I make sure I’m as informed as I can be about all the atrocious things happening at home and abroad but when I sit myself on the sofa to watch a brilliant programme it’s a little time for escapism not a chance to ram raid my brain with any political ideas, statements or opinions.

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  1. Matthew

    Totally agree, I used to love this programme but the episode called ‘identity’ Was a complete lefty preach about refugees/migrants with no interesting story or characters. Stop all this regressive leftist “virtue signalling” nonsense and get back to making the exciting silent witness episodes we all know and love.

  2. Paul

    Totally agree, Silent Witness was outrageously polically biased, but this is entirely consistent with the BBC nowadays, which is such a shame because I was always proud of its neutrality. The BBC should change its name to PC Today.

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