Shaun Keveny Breakfast Show/The whole station generally

With not much hope, I would like to complain that this radio station generally and it’s presenters do not even attempt to adhere to the BBC’s code of political impartiality. This has become particularly prevalent during and after the recent EU referendum, and the station has become a vehicle for heavy pro EU bias, and the shaming of Leave voters, many of whom, like me, are regular listeners.

The station and its output would not be commercially viable outside of the BBC based on 6 Music’s currently listenership, and so is only on the air due to the BBC’s wider funding. However, the general feeling given out by the presenters is that although the rest of the BBC is supposed to be strictly politically impartial, and has been for many decades before 6 music was aired, the 6 Music presenters are ‘too cool’ for this to apply to them. In fact BBC 6 Music was only saved from closure due a recent petition, signed by myself and at least another 10-15 other people which I can think of who also chose to vote ‘Leave’. We all now wish we hadn’t bothered signing it. I don’t know where they have got the idea that the whole listenership is pro EU, and I find it patronising that the presenters think that their political bias is acceptable if it’s delivered in a sardonic, indirect way.

The station has an on going agenda in favour of the EU, and incidents of bias towards the EU are too frequent to list in full, a current example is a trailer that is on regular rotation in which the Brexit vote is sensationally and incoherently linked somehow to the rebuilding of The Berlin Wall. Clearly this is ridiculous and untrue. If you’re not grateful to be part of the BBC and consider yourselves too cool to operate within the rules which all other presenters across it’s whole network are supposed to operate, then launch 6 Music as a commercial station. I think you know as well me that it would fail miserably.

I’m sure that all the staff at 6 music also feel themselves above dealing complaints against the station, I don’t expect anything to change, and despite paying the wages of the presenters I’m quite certain that my complaint will be a great badge of honour for all concerned.

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