Why was the leave camp always cut short by the presenter’s at both ends of the hall and why do your newscasters keep interrupting those they are intervewing do they like their own voice and a lot of people on Facebook noticed it as well and why was the results also on BBC 1 BBC News and BBC Parliament.It seemed the BBC wanted the UK to stay in the EU you should be ashamed of yourself and the head of news should be sacked.

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  1. D L M Stringer

    Yes, the BBC bias not only continues, but may be getting worse! The rudeness of the BBC’s so called presenters is getting worse!

    Just now, I watched an interview with a so-called cartoonist called Scarfe. Every cartoon was against Brexit and the personal comments about Nigel Farage were a disgrace! That was rolled by an interview of a British MEP (called Hangam, I believe). I cannot be sure of his name because the alleged interviewer was either shouting at the MEP or laughing at him! Absolutely unacceptable and insulting behaviour!

    The time has come for legal or Governmental action to STOP THE BBC NOW!

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