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Yesterday the Today programme broadcast Alistair Darling from the EU Remain side going on a rant. He was allowed to talk without interruption or challenge for a sustained period which courtesy was not afforded to John Redwood when he spoke earlier in the week. He was constantly interrupted and in my opinion unfairly challenged. This morning when the Leave campaign should have be on talking about the terrible immigration figures who is allowed to go on another rant. He was hardly challenged either. Why was he allowed to speak for so long? Where was the balance on the Leave side? The News is also biaised. The Radio 4 news at 10 am gave David Blunkett’s comments air time without comments by the Leave team. Where is the balance?

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  1. Donald Grant

    I have just been listening to Tony Blair ranting about Brexit.why is this non elected failed politition given air time as if he is still Prime Minister and speaking on behalf of the B ritish people? I am quite sure that I and thousands of your listeners were seething listening to this non elected Bufoon!The Today programme is fast becoming a mouth piece for the Remainers! You can do better than this ,please get a grip!

  2. Dr.Martin Dedman

    Today today allowed Bernard Jenkin MP and hard Brexit advocate to have a free unchallenged broadcast of his rather extreme stance of a swift exit reverting to WTO rules. Exiting the Single Market & Customs Union as the world becomes less global and more protectionist is insane. Advocates of Brexit will only see the value and purpose of the SEM & CU after we have left and the UK is outside. Then it will be too late. We won’t get back in (27 possible national vetos) while we are in NATO protecting the economic bloc and its members that we’ve excluded ourselves from. A very bright move. I’m amazed at the level of ignorance of recent economic and diplomatic history among our politicans.

  3. Philip Morris

    Lord Neuberger was also given an easy ride. Since his profession, indeed his own wife, had advocated the Remain arguments so strongly, to then proclaim himself to be impartial is beyond belief. Why was not the point put to him that you can it have it both ways! The BBC bias is positively tangible.

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