Radio 4 news at 7pm

In the item that led the bulletin, George Osborne was quoted at length, saying he would raise taxes and make further cuts in public services if the population votes to leave the EU. Brexiteers were then cited (briefly) as saying he was scaremongering, but no mention was made of the Tory MPs and Labour Leader, who all said today that they would not vote for a budget on those terms. That means that Osborne’s proposals cannot become law, at least in the short term – a crucial fact that should not have been omitted. After that, Theresa May’s voice was heard saying that leaving the EU was not a “silver bullet” that would reduce migration on its own, and the UK would might obtain better immigration controls in future negotiations with the EU. This last assertion is highly contentious, of course, but was not challenged or put into context in any way. No mention was made of Labour, so the bias of the bulletin was strongly pro-Remain and pro-Conservative.

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  1. D L M Stringer

    Really? The clown mouthpiece to the Oxford Oaf said that if Leave wins he is going to raise taxes? Just proves how spiteful he is, how much of a bad loser and how much he has lost touch with reality! Does he really believe he or the Oxford Oaf will be in post a week after the referendum result if Leave wins?
    Threats and more threats from the dynamic duo. In my opinion, both are busted flushes and the British people will hate the for ever!

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