Question Time

Check out this tweet from someone in the audience about Dimbleby’s behaviour before the show.

“Dimbleby before the show, ‘Brexits tend to be passionate and loud, so if you are a remainer be loud to ensure equality.'”

4 Comments on “Question Time”

  1. Dorothea Barnes

    Why does Dimblebey let havoc reign. He seems to enjoy bad manners and does not step in when needed. Other times he interrupts constantly. About time he left

  2. Moira jackson

    Need to get rid of David Dimbelby…he is rude and too opinionated to be ‘The Chair’ who is meant to facilitate the debate not take part in it!

  3. Peter Obergunner-Peaster

    Ever since Brexit Question a disproportionate amount of time has been spent discussing the panels view, often an opinion with any facts. Resulting in the one of the biggest controversial project HS2 slipping quietly into phase 2 at what appears to be an increase to £50-£70 and the transport Minister publicly declaring there is no upper limit for cancelling, it has effectively an open cheque book. Minister will come and go and when it goes before the Accounts committee the Minister at the time will say it’s nothing to do with me, I just got the job!
    It is time that Question time had a broader selection of topics each week, it is now boring to watch.

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