Question Time EU Special

I used to believe the BBC was the world’s finest source of unbiased news but today their bias is so obvious and audacious that I can hardly bear to watch. Last night, David Dimbleby gave far more time to the remain panel and let them speak without interruption while constantly hounding and interrupting the leave panel members. We had tuned in hoping to learn about the steps being taken to secure our country’s future but instead faced a barrage of whining and accusation from the losing side. Finally a girl in the audience asked a very relevant question to Dominic Raab – what can you offer me as a young person outside of the EU – finally we thought we’d get the chance to hear some facts about our future prospects but NO – Dominic had only just started to speak when Dimbleby immediately cut him off and switched to another person in the audience – totally unbelievable!
The BBC news also has such an “I told you so” feel to it now – it is heavily downbeat and doom-ridden with very little time given to anyone who has a positive outlook of our future outside of the EU. Such constant negative bias is bound to affect the mood of a good portion of the population who need reassurance at this critical time. I’ve become totally disillusioned with the BBC and think their public funding should be withdrawn if they can’t sort themselves out soon.

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  1. J Hart

    Completely agree. Also worth mentioning that the international millionaires who are gambling on the stock markets and causing stocks to plummet are doing so based on fears being stoked by the likes of the BBC and their negative outlook. BBC are directly hurting our economy with this reckless attempt to prove themselves right

  2. Steven

    Absolutely agree I saw the way David Dimbleby gave a distainful look at Dominic and then gestured dismissively at him saying he only had 15 minutes left…so what’s the point in letting the young lady ask a question if there’s no time to answer. It’s quite clear that Dimbleby didn’t want anyone to hear anything positive that anyone had to say about Brexit. It’s a disgrace. The BBC are LEGALLY BOUND to be impartial.

  3. Julia Roles

    I’ll find it hard to regain my long-held respect for the BBC after this. I am shocked and appalled at its blatantly partisan anti-Brexit reporting following the EU referendum result. The news coverage is more akin to the tone I’d expect from Fox News. I’ve always been proud of the BBC. Not any more.

  4. Kathleen Richardson

    David Dimbleby was demanding answers from leave voters as to their reasons like naughty ‘s hooligans children, also those speaking strangely!!! seemed to be regretters or not sure why ers!! Didn’t hear him demanding to know why anyone voted to remain. Complete farce

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