David Dimbleby – Question Time panel with members of the public and politicians etc – referendum on the EU – every programme covering this subject has shown David Dimbleby’s bias and prejudice towards the leave supporters. Last night each time David Davis tried to respond to questions he was constantly interrupted and disagreed with by Dimbleby, breaking up Davis’ responses and thus weakening them – prejudice of the same also seen in programes by Emily Maitlis and Evan Davis on BBC2 – showing their contempt and arrogance towards the public – BBC should have its licence fee taken away it should be forced to declare its vested interests- it receives funds from the EU – before any discussion.
Further, trying to locate the BBC complaints site to write is impossible? This needs very urgent action and publication now,
It means the BBC is unaccountable!

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  1. Martin

    Quite the opposite I have found. Dimbleby clearly is a Leave supporter. In all recent Question Times the Leavers get the ability to speak for as long as they want, while anyone in support of remain gets constantly interrupted and hecked by fellow panel members, before Dimbleby interrupts and moves on before the pro-remain person has completed their point, or even got a decent word in edgeways. Audience members are overwhelmingly Leave supporters. I know of large numbers of pro EU people who have tried to get on the programme, but have always failed because the bias is the opposite way. This can be seen by audience reactions week on week that they haven’t selected them with any degree of balance. The BBC is far from bias against Leave. If anything is is pro leave.

  2. Ramsay Bolton

    What a completely unconvincing combination of confirmation bias and anecdotal evidence. Please keep your uninformed opinions to yourself in future unless you have something significantly more substantive to provide.

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