Question Time

This complaint refers to the panel that in my opinion is not balanced.

The EU debate is very serious, and I expect to hear from four panalists only in order that we hear more questions and answers. Two pro-eu and two brexit is what we need.

STRICT times for answers MUST be equal as much as can be. At present times are unequal.

During these eu discussions, the Chair is is not challenging the panel to admit that ALL so called ‘eu money’ coming into the UK, is in FACT UK money coming back.

It is unfair the BBC effectively assist the ‘remain’ campaign by not highlighting the obvious. so the younger generations are effectively ‘brainwashed’.

I would also like to see Question Time extended to two hours in order for the truth to properly come out.

The BBC should also point out they actually receive some eu funding, which is on top of the licence fee. The BBC is, by definition, biased at the outset.

Politicians on the panel tend to use the airtime for their own self serving ambitions. Politicians who have the courage to support brexit are often cut short, or not allowed to correct incorrect statements from audience members.

The BBC were covering Cameron’s pro-eu stance long before he allowed his party to support pro-brexit. This was not reflected by the BBC.

All other broadcasters are not funded by the licence fee, and they do well, or they go bust. The BBC should support themselves and the licence fee should be phased out for good.

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