Question Time

There were 5 panellists on on Questiobn Time on the 19 May 2016. Four were for staying in the EU and 1 for leaving. That is a ratio of 4 to 1 and the BBC are supposed to be independant and fair. Paul Mason was one of the pro european panellists that pretended to be against europe but whenever he spoke came out with the most pro europen rhetorict of any person that has ever been on question time. He reminded me of the school bullies that used to terrorise me at school. The government in cahoots with the BBC is running the most biased political campaign in the history of our great country and should be ashamed. I want to know when Question Time will be aired with 4 anti european campaigners and 1 pro european camaigner.

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  1. Michael

    Probably never. The BBC, as it was awaiting John Whittingdale’s White Paper, attempted to try impartiality (you may have noted the very controversial Frankie Boyle hosting HIGNFY only a couple of weeks ago) – they altered QT to try to show fairness among the panel and the audience and they needed it to work for that time period.
    As soon as the very lenient (and brow beaten JW) White Paper came out, the BBC breathed a sigh of relief knowing that they came through the process relatively unscathed and so they have reverted back to type. People like Evan Davis, Norman Smith and the QT producers can now be as vehement towards Leave as they want to be and report Remain/pro EU as much as they want.
    I, like you, am ashamed of the BBC but the BBC should not be ashamed – they should be made accountable for their actions. License payers come from both sides and, as such, the BBC should reflect all license payers views and report impartially. They do not and I fear that by the time action is leveled at the BBC due to their pro EU propaganda, it’ll be too late. They have done their/the government job well and the damage has already been done.

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