Question Time

I’m British of Indian descent. My point is a general one rather than about one specific episode of Question TIme/BBC current affairs shows. What I want explain is that my voice on politics is never represented. You may have noticed to the BBC a minority voice means a pro multicultural liberal muslim spokesman. I do not exist. Nor do all other minorities regardless of the fact that liberal muslims in no way speak for us. This has been going on all my life. I can not tell you my frustration and anger for having never been represented, effectively silenced all these years, a shut out which carries on unabated to this day. I know the BBC must go before this will change. Until then I remain silenced.

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  1. D L M Stringer

    An excellent post! I agree with everything you have said. Further, one never sees members of other ethnic groups on the BBC! I do not recall ever seeing an Orthodox Jew, a Hindu or a Buddhist represented!
    Please DO NOT remain silent. To defeat this allegedly “intellectual” and “liberal” conspiracy, all of us must speak out and come together to ensure this infamy stops! The perpetrators of this must be held to account. By the way, I do not believe they are intellectual at all nor are they liberal for they show their stupidity by their bias and their illiberal behaviour by allowing a single point of view to prevail!
    In my opinion, the BBC shows all the characteristics and intolerance of the racist! Further, they detest the genuine working class, those who are the backbone of any country and pay their highly inflated wages in the UK. In addition, they are cowards! It is evident from their broadcasts that they fear muslim extremism and any form of real debate!

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