Question Time

I find myself feeling disgusted and disappointed having just watched a ‘special edition’ of Question Time on the EU referendum which featured a studio audience and David Dimbleby putting questions to Michael Gove, a leading Leave campaigner. I have watched Mr Dimbleby on Question Time many times and have generally been impressed by his professionalism and overall fairness. Tonight however he displayed neither of those qualities – in fact quite the reverse. While I did expect him to ask hard questions of Mr Gove, I did not expect his own political views to be written so clearly on his face by virtue of the disdain derision and aggression – at times bordering on a sneer- which appeared so plainly there. I am not the greatest supporter of Mr Gove, but at least he remained professional throughout. My question to the BBC is: How can you possibly claim to be impartial when you allow a programme on such an important subject a this to be presented by someone who is clearly neither impartial himself, and moreover completely fails to appear so?

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  1. Barry Wood

    I agree with all of Leander’s comments. I was quite shocked. Now I’m waiting to see how he deals with Cameron at the weekend. Perhaps he will show his impartiality by being equally aggressive with him.

  2. Suzanne peters float

    I was absolutely appalled by Mr Dimbleby’s aggressive and unprofessional attitude towards Michael Gove. This is the first time I have ever posted anything online. That is how strongly I felt. Well done Mr Gove for keeping your cool under such hostile fire.

  3. Ian Jenkins

    I also watched this interrogation! – I am hoping everyone who was disgusted by this display of arrogant bias from Dimbleby hits him where it hurts! IN THE BALLOT BOX!!

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