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  1. D L M Stringer

    I did not see the programme. It seems to me that the “shout down” tactic is the one that the BBC encourages and uses itself! It is clear the Remain camp are in trouble and rightly so. Ranting like Hitler is not an alternative way of presenting an argument! Nor is it effective.

  2. MF

    Quite simply, Izzard did the Remain side no favours. Celebrities tend to think that they are the fountain of knowledge but they have been out of touch with reality for so long, they don’t have a clue what it is to be effected by anything anymore. Remain/Leave, it doesn’t matter to someone like Izzard – he is based all over the world, if the UK goes pear shaped, it won’t affect Izzard or any of the celebrities who signed to stay.
    I did watch QT and he was annoying. He sounded like one of the many aggressive interviewers who ask a question and interrupt the answer a second after they’ve asked it. If these broadcasters wanted to give the public all the information on both sides, they should allow their interviewees the time to answer a question – says it all really.

  3. Laura

    absolutely dreadful, what was Eddie Izzard doing on QT. He was rude abnoxious. and constantly tried to undermine Nigel Farage, which is downright rude and just showed how arrogant and ignorant he is, just dreadful to watch, How he came to be on QT is a mystery to me and I’m sure to most of the people who watch just like me every week.. He did the remain camp no favours, this is a serious topical debate programme. Which lots of people around the UK enjoy.

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