Political Debate 31 May and todays BBC News

This Debate was biased from the start as the audience were mainly left wing. Most of the attacks during the debate was on Amber Rudd and Paul Nuttall. I think Amber Rudd did a great job considering her father died on Monday.
Today BBC1 News showed from the Debate Jeremy Corbyn attacking Amber Rudd from the Debate on Food Banks etc. But they did not show her response. They also did not show UKIP Leaders full response to his question from last night.
This Debate was a complete waste of time as it was biased against Brexit. On this mornings News they gave Nick Clegg about five minutes on Brexit and running our country down. Then Jeremy Corby was on again. If this is not Bias I do not know what is. This is why the lead is now down to three points because of all this BIAS and unfairness.

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