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Subject: Workings of the European Arrest Warrant; explanation by Norman Smith after intro. from Eddie Mair, supposedly “to answer listener’s question”… “not what politicians want you to hear”.
Norman Smith- quoting figures 2009-2016, explains (with selective emphasis) how any problem regarding the imbalance of numbers- 7500 to 800 is only “a perceived problem” to NS- “it seems to me Fairs Fair”. Listeners are clearly informed that the numbers in and out are reasonably balanced. ie all is well balanced within the EU.
However, this “explanation of balance” is a statistical fallacy. If every EU member state successfully served ten times the number of warrants, compared to the number of it’s own citizens “returned”, then ninety percent of the total concerned would have to vanish (into space), for there to be equilibrium. You can not have a balance of ” ten out-one in” broadly across each and every EU State.
ps I have asked the BBC to answer this point (prior to making a formal complaint), but have not received any reply.

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