It is no surprise that the BBC is pathologically and institutionally biased when reporting on Brexit or, for that matter, pretty much everything else. It may be news to some, but a few years ago the Corporation applied for and accepted an offer of some £3million in EU grants, to be spread over a period from April 2011 to November 2013, ostensibly to fund the costs of unspecified research and development projects. Allegedly these appeared in the BBC annual accounts under the heading ‘other grant income’. It was only by dint of a Freedom of Information request submitted by the Spectator magazine that the BBC was eventually forced into revealing the actual source. Although total EU grants of some £3mliion represent only a small fraction of income forcibly raised through the licence fee, it shows quite clearly that the BBC has an insatiable appetite for public money and also illustrates a degree of wilfulness in the way they tried to avoid being publicly accountable for the ways in which that money was spent.

To cite two recent examples of bias:

1. Radio 4 PM programme on 17 February, the day of irrelevant charlatan Tony Blair’s controversial ‘rise up’ speech at Bloomberg HQ. I listened to the introduction by Eddie Mair for a few minutes until an extract from Blair’s speech was being broadcast and delivered in his usual messianic tone of voice. Following the advice of the Foreign Secretary I turned off the radio for a few minutes in the hope that the programme might have moved on. When the radio was turned on again after a period of several minutes, Blair was still spouting sanctimonious drivel about Brexit and the myriad ways in which the electorate had either been misled, or were far too stupid to understand what they were voting for. The same evening Blair’s wholly unwarranted intervention was top story on BBC 1 News at Six. This from a man who took us into what many argue was an illegal war in Iraq, against the will of more than a million citizens who demonstrated against it in Central London, and who wanted the UK to join the Euro. It beggars belief that the BBC made virtually no attempt to interrogate or drill down or explore Blair’s sanctimonious utterings and deeply undemocratic views.

2. BBC 1 News at Six on 20 February reporting on the start of the Brexit debate in the House of Lords. Extended coverage of odious Lord Mandelson’s apocalyptic prophesies for what he thinks is bound to happen when the UK leaves the EU, followed by more doom and gloom from a hapless Lib Dem Peer, leaving time for only short clips from Lord Hague’s and Lord Lawson’s pro-leave speeches.

What in particular is it about the word ‘Leave’ that the BBC, Blair, Mandelson, Clegg and others of their ilk in the lefty-liberal metropolitan elite cannot understand?

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