One Comment on ““pienaars politics”

  1. D L M Stringer

    The BBC has become a national disgrace for its obvious bias towards the Remain campaign. Its key reporters are useless! All they do is to shout down any Leave supporters they interview. In addition, they always ensure superiority in numbers of Remain speakers. Also, the number of news items in favour of Remain is over two to one. This has happened every week for the last five weeks. Are there any more dirty tricks they can employ?
    After the 23rd. there should be action taken against the BBC for what they have done is an abuse of the tax they receive! The same applies to the so-called government! If it is shown that they have used taxpayer’s money to support Remain, there should be a judicial review of their actions!
    Finally, the mouthpiece of the Oxford Oak, the financial clown, has shown his true colours now he has threatened a 30 billion pound tax increase if the country votes to leave. I believe those who voted into Parliament can recall him! Please do so.

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