Pienaar’s Politics

Led by Mr Pienaar, and with the assistance of his two main guests, the programme attempted a character assassination of Andrea Leadsom, the Leave campaigner for the Tory leadership. Nothing the representative of Mrs Leadsoms campaign said went without destructive comment. This followed, and was followed by, how good Mrs May, the Remain candidate, is, was, will be etc etc. Totally and utterly biased. Really surprised at Mr Pienaar.

One Comment on ““Pienaar’s Politics”

  1. D L M Stringer


    Excellent post, but please do NOT be surprised! The BBC is now COMPLETELY opposed to democracy! In the past, they have been bad, but now they need to be removed from office. They do not represent the will of the BRITISH people. They think they are intellectual, but in reality, they are rather stupid. It is easy to win an argument if the odds are stacked in advance as always happens with the (allegedly) British BRAINWASHING Coporation!

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