Panorama, Why we voted to leave

I felt that the interviewing of the lady with pink hair was inappropriate, not I would like to add because of her appearance but because of documented her vulnerable state .This was a lady who spoke openly about the difficulties and challenges she faced on a daily basis. I would question if the BBC felt she was not entitled to a vote due the story she told? To challenge her about her choice of timing with regard to exercising her democratic right to vote I felt was inappropriate and belittling. Perhaps her choice rightly or wrongly has more to to with the empowerment the referendum has offered people. The referendum has clearly demonstrated a social and economic divided.The BBC would do well to explore this and how the tax credit systems has underpinned big business for far too long. This has perhaps created a system the has rendered social mobility immobilised. This along with cuts to basic need services such as schools and the NHS are perhaps why people have chosen this time to raise their voices.
It is of the utmost importance that the BBC does not manipulate the vulnerable to create an image that suits its own agenda, after all each and everyone of us has to pay the licence fee.

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