Attack on Nigel Farage’s speech to MEPs on 28th June deliberately withheld essential information.
Full Complaint: The BBC web page ‘Reality Check’ says: ‘Martina Anderson spent 13 years in prison in England and Ireland when she says she was a political prisoner before her release as part of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. She then worked for the Sinn Féin party until 2007 when she was elected to the Northern Irish parliament. She became an MEP in May 2012.’ Martina Anderson may ‘say she was a political prisoner’ but she was convicted of conspiring to cause explosions in England. From Wikipedia: ‘Anderson was again arrested on 24 June 1985 at a flat in Glasgow with four other IRA members including Brighton bomber Patrick Magee. On 11 June 1986, all five were convicted of conspiring to cause explosions in England, although Magee was the only person convicted in relation to the Brighton hotel bombing. In 1989, Anderson married fellow prisoner and IRA member Paul Kavanagh at Full Sutton Prison. By 1993 she was one of just two female category A prisoners in England, the other being fellow republican Ella O’Dwyer.[6] In 1994, she was transferred from Durham Prison in England to Maghaberry Prison in Northern Ireland. On 10 November 1998, Anderson was released under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement. On 22 March 2016, Anderson was forced to cancel an event (to celebrate the centenary of the Easter Rising) in light of the 2016 Brussels bombings.’


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