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I’ve just sent this in an email to the BBC, newswatch, have your say and complaints
I figured you folks may be interested as well
in the last week, 12/3/2016-19/3/2016, you carried a story on your web pages which was about pressure on wages and lowering standards of living.

I have searched your pages and it appears to have vanished

This is not the first time things like this happen

You may be trying not to be biased about the EU but you seem to be doing a very good job of hiding any stories that may lend support to the leave campaign

You ‘lost’ the 2 stories you had on high immigration negatively impacting the wages of the lowest paid, there was one from the BoE you carried last July, and a follow up about Mark Carney in December

Both of these stories have disappeared, your versions can not even be found with hours of internet searching

BBC, I will be passing this email on the the ombudsman

You clearly are showing bias against the leave campaign by hiding stories you think strengthen their case

This is unacceptable BBC and I really hope you are dragged over the coals for this

You disrespect every person in this country

D Rice

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