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Norman Smith BBC News Assistant Political Editor. Twitter.
Mr Smith is supposed to be impartial, but just look at his Tweets.
A series of pro-EU Tweets, several in extra large letters to emphasise their impact. Such as Mr Carney’s assertions about positive EU influence and George Osborne’s comments about the effects of Brexit. Yet, Tweets with a pro-Brexit message are few, and none are in large letters.
Worse, Norman exercises the well used BBC practice of “bias by omission”.
He’s failed to make any Tweet about the most senior Tory MEP, Mr Kamal, defecting to Brexit on Friday. Nor the sharp setback suffered by Angela Merkel in Sunday’s elections to an anti-EU Party.
Presenters such as Mr Smith do no favours to the BBC’s credibility as an impartial source of news.

3 Comments on “Norman Smith Twitter”

  1. george coquard

    Just watched Norman (remain) Smith on the bbc, what a joke, he is so on the remain side he should not be reporting on this, if he can’ t do his job properly the bbc should let someone do it who can. DISGUSTING REPORTER.

  2. LK Hames

    This so-called reporter is supposed to report an unbiased view on politics but he is a joke and so pro EU its embarrassing to watch this fool, get him off the air.

  3. Bryn Glas

    He even looks like the Joker in Batman with that stupid grin.
    He is so ‘remain’ his reporting is no longer of any consequence.

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