At the end of Newsnight the presenter has a ‘quick look at the mornings papers’ BBC showed the Telegraph from page and the headline read ‘Sturgen’s council tax raid’ The headline in England and Wales was ‘Wages to rise if we quit the eu’ Clearly BBC deliberately decided to run with the Scottish version rather than Lord Rose agreement that wages will rise if we quit eu!! I took a photo of the paper on Newsnight on my phone and I have a picture of the England and Wales edition I can send you!!

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  1. Paul Allan-Smith

    I was appalled at the interview I have just seen between Evan Davis and Crispin Blunt on Newsnight. Not once did Evan Davis allow Mr Blunt to finish or even begin to an answer to the questions put to him. The future of the UK’s relationship with Europe is complex and unpredictable and is therefore simplistic in the extreme to expect quick easy responses to questions relating to Brexit as well as to give sound bite response to questions relating to Boris Johnson’s recent newspaper article. Please tell Mr Davis to calm down and allow his interviewees at least a few seconds to respond so that we in the audience can become informed about this subject.

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