Newsnight Special

Debate between Chris Grayling and Peter Mandleson. Blatant and subliminal pro-EU bias.
Evan Davis piece on Sealand was pure subliminal bias to convey Leave as wishing to create a UK detached and separate, in splendid isolation as a tiny island out to sea.
Mandy given 50% more speaking time, Grayling interrupted constantly by Evan Davis, including 6 times in 90 seconds on one occasion. Expert Panel was 3:2 in favour of pro-EU, Mandy being allowed to challenge and disrupt one Brexit Panellist throughout their contribution.
Of the 8 Audience Panel members invited to comment and vote on UK sovereignty, 2 were EU citizens (one self-declared as Irish and one clearly French).
After, on the Newsnight Twitter, Ian Katz tweeted partial pro-EU comments and criticism of Grayling contributions, but no criticism of Mandy’s. IK is well known for his left wing pro-EU bias, of course.

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  1. Pete Mc

    The reply I had from the BBC about this programme was in total denial. They insist ‘the BBC itself has no view on the upcoming EU Referendum’!

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