Newsnight – Kirsty Wark

Ms Wark’s totally negative and almost hysterical chat with John Redmond exposed the deep seated hatred of BREXIT held by so many of the BBC presenters and presumably management especially Kamal Ahmed who dishes up anti brexit views at every opportunity. Hugely positive Brexit views from major companies such as Wetherspoons and JCB are pushed under the carpet ASAP. The fantastic trade deal with China doesn’t even get a mention!! John Redmond put her in her place with ease as she worked herself up into a real paddy. Why the BBC thinks it is a good idea that the government exposes its entire negotiating stance prior to any negotiations taking place is beyond me and many of your audience. Clearly little or no experience of the real world exists in the BBC. You should be ashamed!!

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  1. Jennings

    I agree, I have noticed the bbc is extremely biased regarding brexit, they are a disgrace and love uttering negative opinions at all times regarding leaving the European union. Bbc news is full of anti brexit propaganda……..
    Scrap the licence fee now!

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