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The description of my complaint is about every time Evan Davis or Laura Kuenssberg and co talk about the EU referendum it is to promote the Remain and to put down Leave. The same goes to the BBC news at 1, 6, or 10 during this referendum. The news channel appears to bang on night after night about Nigel Farage being some kind of bigot. If it wasn’t for Nigel Farage we wouldn’t be having this referendum in the first place. Also I notice Vote Leave are now using his own actual words. (“An Australian based points system”). I dont see the BBC gang turning on Boris or Andrea using these same remarks.
The news at ten after the Wembley debate shows all the remain characters getting their applause after their speeches but none for the vote leave team.

Do I have to honestly pay my licence to a “YES” BIG corporation who choose to show when and what bits to omitt to the detriment of one side.

I am making this formal complaint against the BBC for their “bias viewing” and deliberate attempt to persuade the public in to voting on the Remain side. It is not impartial and in fact detrimental to Vote Leave and brings me to question their integrity and intentions.

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  1. Richard Howarth

    I completely agree with this analysis. The default position with most of the BBC news output is against Brexit – from the selection of pro-EU individuals to appear, to the editing-in of pro-EU clips (of applause). Brexit campaigners are generally shown as white, uneducated, working class, and Leave campaigners as young, educated and smart!! (Just, presumably, like most of the BBC employees!!) Even after the vote, the default position is still completely against Brexit. Why can’t the BBC move on and accept democracy. I think it is the media who, in general, are more in a state of shock than the politicians – hence the feeling of ‘panic’ running through their news programmes. I think to refer to the BBC as unbiased is, in respect of the EU, patently wrong and an insult to the intelligence of the public. The only newscasters I would exclude from this is Andrew Neil and David Dimbleby who, by and large, have presented a balanced approach to the EU. Lets hope the BBC can now move on and try to provide balance in the medium term by running many more pro-Brexit features to even-up the anti-Brexis output of the past 3 months.

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